Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Mad About Hats

Today while riding the bus to the Health Plans Christmas Luncheon with Sarah's brother, Joseph, I told him about my idea for a hat shop.

I would like to run a hat shop that sells every kind of hat imaginable but NOT baseball caps. There are already too many baseball caps in the world. They are the rodent infestation of hatdom.

I would sell cool hats like derby caps, fez, sumbreros, bonnets, and berets. Hats really add style to someone's appearance and they have become all too rare in today's society. Look back on the good old days when women would walk the streets with ornate hats that matched their gowns or the gentleman who could tip his own top hat to those same ladies as he greeted them in the streets. We need the classiness that came with a good selection of hats.

I once said, "I think everybody should wear a hat."
Ben promptly replied, "And a purse."

I don't plan on carrying a purse everywhere but I am a firm believer in hats. I am mad about hats!


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