Tuesday, November 08, 2005

To think that I saw it on Mulberry Street

Dr Seuss wrote a story about a boy coming home from school. His father asked him what he saw. The boy saw a cart and a horse. I'm always seeing the stranger things than that on the road, and I don't mean the furry roadkill you can't tell what it is any more.

For over a year there was this gallon milk-jug of some brown liquid on the winding ramp from I-80 to Bangeter Highway. Every day I passed it on the way to work, always wondering what was in it. Was it apple juice? Automobile oil? Beer? Who put it there? Why? It sat there on the side of the road for a year before it finally disapeared. Now I'll never know.

On the way home from work, there is this fence line that looks like the mountains as you go by. The top of the fence is all crooked and cragly. It took me several minutes of driving by it to realize that it wasn't the mountains at all but a fence.

One time I saw a fender on the side of the road. I wonder what happened for some car to lose its entire fender and only the fender.

Last week I was driving home in the rain and saw a car on the shoulder facing the wrong way. It must of have slid out of control and spun into the shoulder. The car looked undamaged. Ben and I had a simillar experience back in the early spring except our car faced forward and stopped perfectly between two other cars that had also slid off the road. I know how lucky the driver must have felt.

Each object along the side of the road has a story. Maybe I'm the only one who thinks of it but I wonder what that story is. There are a lot of objects in the road. That means there are a lot of stories.


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