Sunday, November 20, 2005


I stumbled upon an interesting web comic about a troubled girl's journey through her own subconscious. I wouldn't call it entertaining (although it is) but though provoking. It made me think of who I am and how well I treat my muses.

Creativity is quite active these days. She is the impish little elf girl in my head. Always thinking up new stuff. She has helped me write a few short stories recently (which I should publish or something).

Romance has been inprisoned by work and school. He is the dashing musketeer who helps me woo the ladies. I think Creativity has a school-girl crush on him. It's poor Sarah who has probably suffered the most from Romance's incarceration. Not that she needs me or my romance. She is quite independant and capable on her own (one reason I like her).

Adversity(she also goes by Suffering) still inspires Creativity quite a bit. It must be strange that a chained and beaten woman on the verge of death would be a source of that impish elf's inspiration. Adversity was a constant companion of mine during my troubled marriage. She tells Creativity to create dark tales of suffering and misery. Somewhere in the eternal darkness is the hope for a better tomorrow. Every drop of blood she sheds, leads to my growth.

Cunning has been getting a little out of shape. Normally she is a fit and dangerous huntress. She likes to go paintballing or play wargames with me but once again, I have been too busy to let her exersize. The poor girl.

Her fraternal twin sister, Inteligence, is doing well though. She is the woman with the glasses and lab coat, always with her nose in a book. She is having a delightful time going to my classes with me at the UofU.

So I have a bunch of girls (and a boy) running around in my head. I guess that is a sign that I'm a healthy straight guy (not that I doubted that). A trip through my twisted mind would be a strange journey indeed. My muses haven't complained about the accomodations though. But then again, sometimes I think they're nuts. Oh, they just informed me that I'm crazy ...something about any lunacy on their part is merely a reflection of my own insanity, as they are merely figments of my imagination. Go figure.


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