Sunday, November 13, 2005


I went paintballing yesterday. I had a good time. I met a first timer and let him use my A5 for a game. He liked it. I hope he got hooked enough in the sport to keep coming back. I tried to get Paul Robinson to come but I couldn't track him down. So I went by myself as usual.

I did see a minor equipment change I may want to do as I go into the winter/indoor season. My current red dot sight requires both eyes open, one sees the dot and the other sees the target and the two images get joined by the brain. That is good except for when one of your eyes is blocked by the bunker you are hiding behind to limit exposure. Then you only see the dot.

The sight was fine during the summer when most of my games were in woods where both eyes could be used. In speedball/indoor, I have to tuck in extra tight to avoid getting hit. I only want to expose one eye. There are red dot sights that can work with one OR both eyes. Maybe I should spend the $$ to get one of those for speedball.

What's nice about my current one is that it uses one of those fiber optic rods that gather ambient light to make the dot so it doesn't have any batteries. The see through one or two eye dot sights require batteries so that's one more thing I have to monitor and replace periodically.

Then there other players who think sights are pointless on paintball markers altogether. They just walk the shots in and tend to use accuracy by volume. That's not my style. One game I played was a one on one with a kid. He fired off about 40 or 50 balls at me. I took him down within 10 balls. I was firing my standard 2-3 shot bursts which equated to about 3-5 bursts all together to take him.

Maybe that's enough rambling about paintball for now. Most of my readers (hi family) don't even play the game.


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