Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Salt Lake Library

I meant to blog about this earlier but I forgot until today as I was passing the library on my way to school. The Salt Lake City Public Library has a large collection of zines. In fact it was the first public library to have such a collection of amature produced zines in the world. Unfortunately it is poorly indexed right now but it is cool. Some of the zines are works of art.

Also for those interested, the second Monday of each month is WWII night at the library. WWII vets bring their gear and stories between 6 and 8 pm to anyone in the community with an interest. They have machine guns, M1 Garands, and cool stuff like that. I would have stayed for it when I was at the library for school but I couldn't. My time on the parking meter was running out and I didn't have any loose change to give me more time.

Cool stuff at the library! Check it out.


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