Thursday, November 24, 2005

Happy Thanksgiving

I'm thankful for several things this year. I figure I ought to mention a few in no particular order.

My family, especially Ben. He's so cute and smart.

My Mom, who makes it possible for me to survive as a single parent.

A girl who will stay up way past her bedtime to talk to me on the phone. Thanks Sarah.

School. The ability to get educated.

Finally being off graveyard shift. I'll actually have contact with the real world again. Yippy!

President Hinckley's Book of Mormon challenge. I've never read so much. I better keep it up even after the New Year.

My friends, even though I'm usually too busy (or awake at the wrong times) to see them. Sarah fits in here too.

A free country where I can exersize my rights, participate in government, and not worry about car bombs.

I really do have a lot to be thankful for. Thanks!


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