Saturday, August 06, 2005

Hakuna Matata, what a dangerous phrase

Ben and I watched Lion King 1 & 1/2 today. It got me thinking. Two differing philosophies struggle against each other in the original Lion King. One was of no worries and the other of stand up to your responsibilities. It appears that the philosophy, or at least the phrase, hakuna matata is what is remembered most by those watching the story. And it is the wrong one.

The right philosophy is to stand up to your responsibilities, even if it means worries, hardship, and struggle. Why didn't Disney give us a catchy phrase for doing the right thing? People are missing the lesson of the Lion King because of it.

Simba leaves his home, struggles to find out who he is, and struggle against the evil within himself (apathy, comfort) and then the evil that faces his family(Scar), before he can claim his home in glory. There are many parallels with the Plan of Salvation. We have left our heavenly home, must struggle to find out who we are, fight the evil that bombards us (and repent if necessary), and with Christ's atonement, return to our heavenly home in glory.

Hakuna matata will come, after our labors in the vineyard. If we choose the right we may find inner peace in this life but even then we may need to mourn with those that mourn and face other sorrows. When our heart is filled with peace from righteous living and a perfect hope in Christ, we will worry about the wellbeing of our neighbor as well. Hakuna matata is the fruit of righteous living, not the way to live.


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Blogger John said...

Talmage, this is likely the most amazing journal entry I've ever read. I'm a lurker on the Planet Cleverly webpage, and read all of your families' journal entries... your entries in particular are always insightful, but wow, I just don't know what to say else to say...

-John Sugden

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