Sunday, July 10, 2005

Obla Di Obla Da! goes on. Yesterday, Mary got kissed by her boyfriend, Adam. And I had a date with Sarah, which apparently didn't make the family Sunday Dinner Love Story-athon(TM). But I'm not bitter DANG IT!

Apparently if I want to get married or something I'm going to need to do a lot more dating and probably some kissing too. Telling the gory details to the family at the weekly SDLS-athon would probably be required too.

Sarah, Ben, and I went to the ward crawdad fry. Sarah ate like a mouse, Ben ate like a mouse trying to lose weight, and I ate like a guy using chopsticks for the first time. Crawdad's are tricky to crack open and get the insides of. After making a huge mess and eating very little I was finally instructed on the "proper" technique.

After the dinner we played at the park so Ben could get his energy out. Sarah and I talked while Ben played. When the sun went down we picked cherries in the fading light. It gets pretty hard to distinguish the ripe ones from the others without much light. The night ended with a hug. Maybe it would have been more news-worthy with a kiss.


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