Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Now its gone...

I had a lot to say over the last week or so but now I can't remember much of it. I was busy. Isn't it strange how when life is at its fullest there is the least amount of time to record it. I had time yesterday to blog but the internet was down all day.

Lava Hot Springs was good but short. Ben went down the big red slide for the first time. I thought he would be terrified. He was scared at first but went anyway. I saw him twisting and spinning down the slide. You're supposed to go feet first the whole way but his little body just went in every direction at once. When I made it to the bottom myself he told me he wanted to go again. So we did.

I wish we could have spent the whole week. Instead I had to come home early for work. Real Life(TM) likes to get in the way of Fun (patent pending).


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