Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Weird Dreams

Last night I had this weird dream. I was heading home from St George or somewhere south in a car with some of the family (don't remember exactly who). We stopped by a dollar store just off I-15 in Sandy to get paper cups and plastic utinsiles. After getting back to the car, it wouldn't start so I walked(?) to Skypark (the airport in Woodscross) and got a helecopter to bring everyone home. I flew it back to the car where Becca insisted we needed to return the cups and plastic forks & spoons. The store refunded the full amount to us even though we only brought in 2 or 3 cups out of a pack of 50. We then got back into the helecopter to fly everyone home but found out there was not enough room in the helecopter. I then recommended that I fly part of the family home in the helecopter and Dad fly the rest home in the car (which apparently wasn't broken anymore). Oh yeah, and there were some people in the store parking lot anoyed by the helecopter taking up valuable parking spaces and police at the broken down car wanting to throw the car into the river to make room for other traffic.

Yeah, it was kinda random... although I did take the car into the shop this morning for some engine diagnostics. Maybe that's what my dream was about. My subconsious was preparing itself for the trauma of auto repair.


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