Friday, August 05, 2005


I recently stumbled on a site on transhumanism and posthumanism. Interesting stuff. Transhumanism is the study of intelligence after the pace of knowledge reaches singularity. According to the current expansion of human knowledge, we are learning more at a faster rate then ever. Within 30 to 50 years, some transhumanists predict, that we will reach that singularity and life as we know it will cease as ALL knowledge will be available anywhere to anybody. Medical science will allow for death to be truely conquered and imortality will be reality. Artificial intelligence and bio-engineered lifeforms will be the norm.

Very interesting reading to say the least. Following their logic trail one came to the conclusion that post-singularity we would have enough knowledge and technology to control the very fabric of the universe and perhaps even create our own universes. Another person postulated that an intelligence that has already reached post-singularity could have designed THIS universe with the intent to have the right physics properties to allow a universe in which intelligence could develop. In essence we become gods born from a universe created by a god.

All the god stuff from this theory bothers some of the people debating transhumanism. The average christian gets uncomfortable with the concept that we could become like God. To us in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints this concept seems perfectly natural. We are literal sons and daughters of a god who loves us and wishes for us to become like him. Why would he want us to remain eternally inferior to him? He loves us, he wants us to reach our full potential.

The transhumanists do forsee events that sound a lot like Christ's millenial rein and beyond but appear to be missing core eternal truths. Justice and mercy, Christ's atonement, the plan of salvation. You know the important stuff. I do feel that the sudden explosion of knowledge and technology in latter days is part of God's plan in preparing the world for Christ's coming but I would not make any kind of prediction of when it will come based on transhumanist predictions. Even the angels don't know when his coming is and they're pretty close to the guy doing the planning.


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