Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Wow! Wireless Isaiah!

Okay, I'm trying a blog wirelessly from my Palm OS Treo 650. So far so good.

I was just reading 2nd Nephi 17. In it, Isaiah talks about Israel joining forces with Syria to beat Jeruselem. In the end, Juda/Jeruselem is okay and Israel defeated. Stabbed in the back by Syria?

It got me thinking of the parrallels. Jeruselem was the faithfull followers of Christ. Israel was the apostate, former members. Syria was the world with Satan at its head. In the end the church survives and those that abandoned it get used and then crushed by the adversary. Moral of the story: Stay on the Lord's side. Man! Isaiah rocks!

whew. this is hard on a PDA.


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