Monday, August 01, 2005

How Dreamy!

I had another one of those vivid dreams again. I've been having these a lot lately. Kinda crazy.

In this one I was in college with a bunch of other students. The furnature in the class kept getting rearranged. The class had something to do with dental work and social relationships. Yeah, that makes sense. After the class I went to the student building where the furniture there kept getting rearranged too. I walked through to the computers on one end, found them all occupied and walked back the way I came to find a nice chair and table to do some homework but the furniture was all changed arround.

At some point, the student center became a hospital and I was a nurse helping some old guy. He didn't want to stay in his hospital bed so I kept running around getting things ready for him so he wouldn't slip or fall or find some other way to hurt himself. It was kind of exhausting. I kept hoping he would just stay put so I could do my homework.

This one is probably about school starting again this month. I've been thinking about it a lot lately.


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