Saturday, January 12, 2008

Poetry From The Deep Dark Dusty Archives Of My Youth

So, I was doing some cleaning and organizing around my house and found some of my old school papers. As I read the old poetry I wrote for English class I thought of my dear sister Rachael who is quite a poet herself.

I think most of these were written in either my Junior or Senior year of high school. This should compliment the Duct Tape poem I wrote more recently.

Talmage's Huck Finn Shrinklet
River Lad
Escapes from Dad,
Builds a raft,
and meets many people daft.
Enters a feud
of two families crude.
Meets a duke and a king.
They can't act, they can't sing.
His friend Tom he did see.
And poor ol' Jim they set free.

A pair of Haikus
The wind speaks softly
The trees whisper in reply
The wind sighs and weeps.

Dreaming about grass
The gentle cow weeps alone
In a field of Mud.

Mirror (A Pertrarchan Sonnet)
I stared into the glass I had.
I saw a face like mine
With tangled messy hair that didn't look fine,
Droopy eyes, and pajama clad.

I brushed my teeth
I combed my hair
He combed his hair
He brushed his teeth

This funny looking guy
kept mimicking me.
I waved my toothbrush and said "Hi."
He kept mimicking I could see.
To get a better look I rubbed my eye,
The funny looking guy was me.

There's more. When I get some more time, I'll put those up too.

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Everybody loves Wacom

If you're ever the not popular kid, just get a really cool toy and then everyone will want to play with you. Not really but at my brother's house, my new drawing tablet was certainly well received. Below are some of the works of art that came of the visit.

The first is "A Day at Work" by my nephew Caleb. The second is "Puppy" by my wife Louise. Third is "Blender Power" by myself. And the fourth is "The Statue of Liberty", also by Caleb.

My brother and niece also doodled in a note-taking program but I didn't keep those. Maybe I should have.

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

First Real Wacom Project

So, after hours of practice with random doodles and experimenting with different brush and canvas settings, I have produced my first "real" Wacom tablet piece of art.

I used a stock photo from the interweb as a reference (by eurasianrose at The piece was produced in Corel Painter 3 (came with the Wacom) using entirely the tinting brush and plenty of layers. I call it "Dreams of Flight".

For my next project, I might try oils or watercolors. Probably oils because I am actually more comfortable with those. Happy New Year everybody and resolve to be creative in 2008!