Sunday, June 24, 2007

Home Sweet Home

So most everyone who reads this probably knows already, we're getting a house. Yeah, a real one with a yard, garage, and little white picket fence. Actually there's no white picket fence but that's okay.

We close and move in in less than a week. And it's about time really. Because of our apartments getting turned into condos, we packed about 6 weeks ago to move into another place that turned out to have mold. We've been living out of our boxes ever since and it's driving me CRAZY!

Uno has suffered the most from this. His usual indoor play areas, his bedroom and the living room, have been taken up by stuff. His room is stacked to the ceiling with boxes and the living room has three couches in it, thanks to our foresight in getting cheap furniture from the local second hand store before we had a place to put them.

In his new bedroom he will have it all to himself. No more parent stuff taking up his personal space. He can lay those legos out as far as he wants. He can let his imagination fill the now wide expanse. He can pick a color for his walls other than the purnkle that now decorates the new room.

I find it a little odd that somehow, with everything packed up, you would think there would be more space in this apartment but there actually seems to be less. Maybe our stuff is multiplying under that principle that junk tends to expand to fill the space alloted for it. But it is supposed to happen after we move not before. Maybe our stuff in close proximity causes it to reproduce and multiply. Maybe I'll open a box and find that we now have five staplers instead of one.

Maybe I can get a jumpstart on that food storage that way. Unfortunately, the food seems to be the only thing that seems to decrease around here. But I've got plans to heed the prophet's council. We will finally have somewhere other than a tiny kitchen to store the food. We plan on getting 2x8 boards and cinder blocks to make affordable shelving in the utility room.

We've got plans.