Friday, September 14, 2007

To Catch a Thief

Today my wife and I went mountain biking on a hilly trail on the east side of Layton. While we were resting for a bit, a man tall man in black pants and a black shirt ran down the trail past us and a woman yelled out, "Stop! Thief!" A few seconds later a female police officer ran down the hill after him. We told her which way he went and then decided to help chase him ourselves.

We followed him on bike (mine had a severe flat by this point) until he slipped through someone's backyard down the hill further. We rode around the block to the culdesac where he would have come out and met the same kids we played paintball with on Wednesday. They had seen him run through their backyard. With two police officers we canvased the area but failed to find the thief.

If I could have done it differently I would have ditched my flat tired bike and ran down the hill after him and yelled for the paintball friends to help chase him down. We were relatively fresh while he was probably expending the last of his adrenaline. If we weren't in that initial shock and acting more promptly and aggressively we could have easily caught him. We're just not use to meeting criminals I suppose.

The officer herself had incredible stamina. I really hope they catch the guy for whatever he did.