Tuesday, January 01, 2008

First Real Wacom Project

So, after hours of practice with random doodles and experimenting with different brush and canvas settings, I have produced my first "real" Wacom tablet piece of art.

I used a stock photo from the interweb as a reference (by eurasianrose at deviantart.com). The piece was produced in Corel Painter 3 (came with the Wacom) using entirely the tinting brush and plenty of layers. I call it "Dreams of Flight".

For my next project, I might try oils or watercolors. Probably oils because I am actually more comfortable with those. Happy New Year everybody and resolve to be creative in 2008!


Blogger Cecily R said...

That is beautiful.

I so wish I had talent like that, but since I don't I am okay with being an appreciative audience. I would love to see more of your work!!

By the way, if you were at Layton High after me you may have gone to school with my sister Anna(West)and brother in law Trent(Teeples). Younger than that it may have been my brother Zach and his now wife Tiffany (Johnson).

7:40 PM  

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