Saturday, January 20, 2007

Artemis Fowl

The night before last, DW and I finished reading Artemis Fowl, a book I received for Christmas, about a young criminal mastermind and the Fairy Police Force. It was a good read however, I did find issues with the way it was written.

First, the point of views would frequently change between the beginning and ending of a scene without warning. You think your inside one character's head and the next instant your in another's. This could get disorienting if you're not paying close attention.

Second, the time frames would switch too frequently. One scene would go through a series of events and then the following scene would be about events that already occurred but from a different perspective... which was switching around randomly already (see above).

These storytelling techniques are fine if used properly but in this case they tended to actually distract from the story itself, which was very entertaining. A nice light read but no Candid or The Stranger.


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