Sunday, June 25, 2006

Paradise Spring

I have posted yet another story to the Library of Alexandrea. The story is called Paradise Spring which is actually a 33 page prequal to my short story (also posted in the library) called Paradise Winter.

I do have ideas for a Paradise Summer and a Paradise Fall. I am currently working on another Paradise Season story which has the working title Paradise Spring - Anya's story. But it might get turned into Paradise Summer and the story I intended for Paradise Summer might get moved to Paradise Fall.

Paradise Spring follows the story of an elven princess banished from her own kingdom. She struggles to find and redefine herself in a human world filled with prejudices. Elements of the story include tragic love (Melaana and Torrin), sacrifice (Melaana's father), mortality vs immortality (the changing seasons), broken families (Melaana & her mother), fear and hatred (King Wesmier & Yvette), loyalty (Clara, Torrin, & Warren), depression (Melaana's inner demons), hope (The old jewler), perserverance (the cobblestone road), and acceptance (the spring shrine).

Excerpt from Paradise Spring:

The feast was large and boisterous. Loud music filled the torch lit hall. Several women doted on the newly returned princes. Melaana noted that the younger brother, Warren delighted in the attention. Torrin, on the other hand seemed distracted and annoyed by the girls.

He looked at her with pleading puppy dog eyes. She sighed, neither of them wanted to be there. She stood and walked over to him, slipping her arm in his, smiling falsely at the young women.

He kissed her on the cheek and she blushed wondering if it was real or part of the charade.

The women backed off as planned. As Torrin led her toward the courtyard outside, she glanced back to the stony faces of the other women. One of them in particular looked rather livid. She wondered if she had just made enemies with the wrong women.

Whatever joy she hoped to have outside away from the crowded hall was sucked away by her worry. Palace politics had caused her exile. She didn’t want to be outcast yet again.

“You okay?” he asked as they walked along the courtyard.

“Yes,” she lied. “And you?”

“Now I am.”


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