Saturday, April 15, 2006

From Poland to Playstations

Tonight, the boy's final bedtime story was the history of World War II... in a nutshell. I spoke of how a bad guy named Adolf Hitler, in a country called Germany, attacked his neighbors, Poland, Belgium, and France. I then talked about how he got greedy and attacked Britian and Russia too. I explained how Winston Churchhill rallied his country to fight off the attacking airplanes from Germany.

I explained how Japan attacked us in Hawaii and that got us really upset. We helped Russia and Britain fight off the Germans while at the same time hopping from island to island fighting back the Japanese. First we rescued France and Belgium and stopped Hitler. We then stopped the Japanese by dropping two really big bombs on them (actually they were already considering surrender but I don't think he cared for the finer details, besides I didn't even mention Italy and the African campaign).

In the end we stopped Germany and Japan. And because we hurt them really bad, we helped them rebuild their houses and roads. Then we became friends and made up. To show how happy they were, the Japanese built us Playstation IIs.

The boy asked about X-Boxes and I had to explain that we make those in America and sell them to the Japanese. So, in his mind, because Germany attacked Polland, Japan gives us Playstations.

Aren't history lessons for 5 year olds just wonderful?


Blogger David Ashton said...

You do realize that your kid is going to grow up just as screwed up as you are if you keep having these types of bed time stories.

11:04 AM  

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