Friday, March 10, 2006

And To Think That I Saw It On Mullberry Street: Part II

Today I had to drive through rush hour traffic... twice. It was my weekly drive to Springville to drop the boy off at his mom's.

As I flew down the freeway (at the part that was fast, ie the beginning), I saw a ski on the shoulder of the road. It looked kinda battered and perhaps ran over a few times. It reminded me of my other blog about random things I've seen while driving. Minutes after passing the ski, I drove past an empty pet taxi. I hope the pet wasn't in it when it bounced out of whatever vehicle it came from. Most of the rest of the trip, the bumper to bumper traffic kept me occupied with the road instead of the garbage along it. I did pass a deceased skunk but that's not really noteworthy because dead critters line our nations roadways by the thousands... no offense to the cute fluffy things.

If this is the best thing I can blog about, I should get a social life.


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