Sunday, January 22, 2006

Saw Narnia

Well, I saw Narnia yesterday with Paul Robinson. We originally planned to play paintball but there was a tournament going on at Paintball Addicts. We went to the Gateway and saw the flick instead.

I must say that C.S. Lewis really made a fantastic story with so many symbols tying it into Christ and his atonement. There are the obvious references, like Aslan's sacrifice for Edmund and his resurection. Then there are the more subtle references like the children's baptism by water (snow everywhere & falling in the river) followed by fire & blood (final battle in the heat of spring/summer).

I loved how Edmond came across as a basically good boy in this film, making his forgiveness and redemption more paletable. The old cartoon of the story may have predisposed me against Edmund as he seemed like just a whiny brat and willing accomplice through more of it than this new film.

I don't know if it was my eye being trained to find these things but I was jarred by some of the special effects being obviously CG effects. And some of the effects budget was wasted on scenes that needed no special effects, like the sleigh crossing an open snowy plain.

Despite the minor CG effects quible, I loved the movie and heartily recommend it to anyone... but I think all the relevant friends, family, and aquaintences I know have probably already seen it.


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