Saturday, December 24, 2005

Weird Dreams

Last night I had a weird dream. I dreamed I was at the UofU in the middle of some kind of spy/romance movie or something.

A friend (not clear who) and I who were roommates together in the student housing up by the U. The friend introduces me to another friend of his, a nice girl named Ashley. We start hanging out together and laughing about school stuff and other random things. She invites both of us roommates to her parents house.

The next day, the roommate and I walk through large snow filled university parking lots to get to Ashley's parents house. The roommate informs me that her father is an attorney and very rich. We arrive and meet the parents. Ashley's father is a very watchful hawk, wanting to know EVERYTHING about what her new boyfriend (me) is like. One of his tests is to play Pac-Man against him in his arcade room where there are dozens of old arcade machines. Good naturedly I lose and admit to not having played the game in years.

Satisfied I'm not some golddigger or other creep for his daughter he shows me around his enormous house. In the course of the tour I meet the extended family. There are hundreds of relatives living in this home, I discover.

I meet up with my roommate again and discover that the house is so full of relatives because one of Ashley's sisters is getting married and the reception is here. During the course of the reception we find out that another sister, one of the bridesmaids, has some secret documents that the government needed back before it fell into the wrong hands. My roommate manages to distract the sister while I snatch the documents and run for the waiting military police guys waiting around the block.

I meet up with a government agent on our dash to the meeting point and he verifies that the documents are the right ones. The MP Lt. takes the documents and asks if any copies had been made by ourselves or the bridesmaid. I tell him that we hadn't but we don't know how long the bridesmaid had the documents or if she made copies or sold the information already. The Lt. asks us to go back to the wedding and find out.

Once back at the wedding, my roommate informs me that the government mission will have to wait because he has to get back to class before he flunks out of college. We walk back through the snow filled parking lots and get to the roommates class. It is a combination art-puzzle invention class. While there my department manager from work appears and informs us that due to a scheduling conflict with this class, his class on computer networking had been cancelled. It will be rescheduled for next semester.

Through the class I draw my assignment but get frustrated that its not turning out well. On the way out, I light the assignment on fire in the closet where everyone kept their work between classes. After leaving I begin to worry that my little act of arson will burn everyone else's assignment too. My roommate tells me not to worry and we should get back to my girlfriend. Instead we get sidetracked by playing hide and go seek in a jumbled construction site where a new building is being added to the campus.

Then I wake up. What a busy dream; girlfriends, parents, secret agents, schoolwork, bosses, and arson, oh my!


Blogger David Ashton said...

If I didn't know you, I would be scared. Then again, I do know you and I'm still scared. Oh well, I hope you turn it into a book one day. It would be fascinating.

11:56 AM  

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