Thursday, December 15, 2005

School's out!

Another semester has come and gone. I finished my last final this afternoon. I think I did really well this semester, but that's not hard to do with an art class and a diversity requirement.

In a few weeks spring semester will begin and it will be back to the books. I should make a bouquet of pencils or something to celebrate continued education.

I found out that my Deaf Culture instructor Jeff has just been nominated one of the USA's most valued snow boarders and he recently took about twelfth (or was it tenth?) in the nation in a recent snowboarding contest (not a competition for Deaf but some of the best in the nation, hearing or Deaf). Deafness is not slowing down this university professor, in academics or sports!

But that is what he has been teaching us all semester. Deafness is a cultural identity not a disability. In fact not hearing the student cell phones ringing all semester has probably been more peaceful for him than for any other professor on campus. I'm really glad I could take his class.


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