Sunday, February 12, 2006

A Book, A Birthday, and A Broken Leg

I've been a bad boy and haven't blogged in a while. It wasn't like I wasn't typing or anything. I've been busy writing my Hannan book as part of the Anaaka Chronicles. Its kinda funny though considiring that it is the fourth story in the series, Anaaka makes no appearance in the story at all. I have the first story published on my Library of Alexandria Blog. I've been meaning to get the second and third up there too. I suppose I will once I find out people have read the first one.

The boy had his 5th birthday this week. Wow, that is crazy. I can't even call him a toddler anymore. He is getting so big! He was really funny this week. At Flips, he hurt his leg and insisted it was broken (it wasn't). He limped out to the car. A limp that looked suspiciously like skipping. I paid close attention as we got out of the car at the local big box store to get valentines cards for his class. His injury seemed to randomly switch between one leg and the other as he got tired of limping/skipping on one particular leg. He limped out of the car when we got home, but as soon as he was inside and ready to watch his new Wallace and Gromit movie, the broken leg mysteriously disapeared altogether.


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It is hard to find your "Library of Alexandria Blog" without a link. :)

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