Sunday, March 26, 2006

Temple Sealings... and Walls

On Friday, the boy was upset that I came home from work only to leave to go to the temple. I explained to him that I was doing sealings with Grandma and Grampa. We snuggled while I explained how going to the temple helps others and help our Heavenly Father.

I realized the understanding gap when he asked if I was going to do the walls.

"Walls? What do walls have to do with anything? Oh! You mean Sealings?"

"Yeah, the cealing."

I think he got the part about the temple helping people but not the finer details. I felt really blessed to be able to snuggle with my five year old son and explain the plan of salvation and how temples help unite families. It was one of those father-son bonding moments. It was wonderful.


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