Saturday, June 17, 2006

Planetariums, Roller Coasters, and Sidewalk Chalk

I took the boy to the Clark Planetarium today. We watched the Cardboard Rocket and the Black Holes films in the star theater. There was a new exhibit/art thingy/contraption that was really nice. The boy liked turning the levers that directed which way the balls rolled down the ramps. The balls would also bounce off little bells and chimes and things making it a very musical (and noisy) contraption.

It reminded me of a little marble roller coaster I had when I was a kid. I also used to make larger roller coasters out of garden hose and tennis balls. Those were the good old days! I could entertain myself for hours with the simplest things lying around the house.

As we left the Gateway complex, we stumbled on a sidewalk chalk art thing going on. Professional artists were putting their art to the sidewalk of the Gateway. Some of the pictures were very detailed and fantastic. I hope that it doesn't rain for a few days so lots of other people can admire the art.


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