Sunday, April 30, 2006

Whir! - More Paintball Stuff

It worked! Last year, I had my agitated loader (Ricochet Apache if you care) break down. I assumed I would need to buy a new one. And then one day, this February, I stumbled across a message board post indicating the manufacture's lifetime warranty. I figured I might as well give it a try so I called them up. They asked for my address and said the replacement parts were on their way. About four days later, a package arrived with the parts.

I was delighted with their customer service but didn't actually bother switching out the bad parts for the good until today. With a too small screwdriver I managed to take the broken shells appart and put the internals in the new shell.

I popped some batteries in and tested it. Just like new, it went whir each time I tripped the ball feed sensor! Now my Apache is fixed! Yippy!

The boy tested it too. In fact, he kept testing it over and over and over. I asked him to stop it so the battery wouldn't wear down. He stopped, what a good boy, and I put the tools away. Before putting the loader away, I tripped the sensor for one more triumphant whir. The boy said, "Dadda, don't waste the battery." He's a quick learner. I turned the loader off and left it in my room.

I can't believe it'll be May tomorrow and I still haven't played any outdoor paintball this year. Usually I get at least one early season game in by the end of March. This year I had school and it rained and snowed a lot. It was just a bad combination for getting out and playing.


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