Saturday, June 10, 2006


Last night, Ben and I saw the new Pixar film, Cars. It was very good as are every other Pixar film to date. Ben really liked it.

Before the film began there were the obvious previews of other films and I saw one very interesting fact. All of the other animation studios have no originality. I saw three previews from three studios that were all basically Over the Hedge rip offs which I think is actually a Madagascar rip off.

Cars shows yet again that Pixar can create an original film. Time and time again they put out an original concept while everyone else puts out a "me too" film.

The plot of cars will be familliar to any sports film enthusiast. Cocky rooky gets humbled and learns that wining isn't everything and picks up new friends along the way. The way Pixar took that classic plot and wrapped it into a world populated entirely by cars was well done. The pace of the story dragged a little in places but over all a very fine film.

One of the key symbolic elements of the story was the old highways vs the new interstate system. The classic roads like route 66 fell into disuse so that people could save ten or fifteen minutes on the interstate, passing by the heart of the country.

Out of respect to the old roads that knit America together, I drove us home from the theater in Salt Lake along Highway 89, trying to imagine what that road must have been like before I-15 and I-80 came through the Salt Lake Valley. Kinda thought provoking.


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