Saturday, January 12, 2008

Poetry From The Deep Dark Dusty Archives Of My Youth

So, I was doing some cleaning and organizing around my house and found some of my old school papers. As I read the old poetry I wrote for English class I thought of my dear sister Rachael who is quite a poet herself.

I think most of these were written in either my Junior or Senior year of high school. This should compliment the Duct Tape poem I wrote more recently.

Talmage's Huck Finn Shrinklet
River Lad
Escapes from Dad,
Builds a raft,
and meets many people daft.
Enters a feud
of two families crude.
Meets a duke and a king.
They can't act, they can't sing.
His friend Tom he did see.
And poor ol' Jim they set free.

A pair of Haikus
The wind speaks softly
The trees whisper in reply
The wind sighs and weeps.

Dreaming about grass
The gentle cow weeps alone
In a field of Mud.

Mirror (A Pertrarchan Sonnet)
I stared into the glass I had.
I saw a face like mine
With tangled messy hair that didn't look fine,
Droopy eyes, and pajama clad.

I brushed my teeth
I combed my hair
He combed his hair
He brushed his teeth

This funny looking guy
kept mimicking me.
I waved my toothbrush and said "Hi."
He kept mimicking I could see.
To get a better look I rubbed my eye,
The funny looking guy was me.

There's more. When I get some more time, I'll put those up too.


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