Sunday, August 21, 2005

Today in church I stumbled onto an allegory. Becoming exalted in the celestial kingdom (the subject of today's Sunday school lesson) is like a mortgage. God is the bank/lender, Christ is the real estate agent acting as the go-between for both parties, the Holy Ghost is the notary who puts the seal of approval on the transaction, and we are the happy people allowed to take out the loan.

We promise to make regular payments by obeying the commandments and keeping our covenants. God promises us a deed to the celestial estate. We get to live in the house (home a temple) if we continue to make our regular payments. If we stop making payments we can be evicted and the estate is seazed. If we faithfully make our payments or catch up on delinquent payments (repentance) until the full amount of the mortgage is paid, God gives us the deed to the estate.

Thus endeth the allegory of the mortgage.


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