Thursday, September 01, 2005

New Orleans gets baptized

Yeah Hurricane Katrina has come and gone and now some levies broke and "Nar-lins" is underwater. Hopefully it will be a little less sinfull when they rebuild. My coworkers and I joked today about it starting a Venice style tourism with gondolas and everything.

In seriousness though, I hope everybody is okay. I've noticed one thing that concerns me though. In New York after 9/11, the city banded together full of comradory and a determination to rebuild. The same thing resulted with the major power outages that occured.

What I've found from the news (biased and limited in scope) from New Orleans is bitterness and complaints. Yes this disaster is far greater reaching in scope than what has occured in New York but still, there is opportunity to unite and rebuild with hope and joy.

I heard one woman on NPR blame President Bush for the flooding because the army was sent to Iraq so the Army Corp of Engineers couldn't take care of the levies properly. I found her view full of faulty logic. I think some people just don't really analyze their beliefs or thought processes. No matter how much work went into preparing for such a disaster, man will still be no match to the power of nature. The city was living on borrowed time since its founding.

We're on borrowed time too. We are surrounded by fault lines waiting for the big quake. In fact, I've noticed that most of the world is in danger to one kind of natural disaster or another. We must live then as if each day were our last because one day it will be. The Lord is trying to help us by reminding us of our mortality from time to time so that we can prepare and repent. I'm sure he also gives us such disasters as Hurricane Katrina as an opportunity to serve one another and grow spiritually.


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