Sunday, September 11, 2005

Another nice date with Sarah

I had another nice date with Sarah. We went to my work's summer party. It was kinda chilly but we had a good time. We had some food. I won a gift card in the raffle (which is amazing because I don't win stuff very often). We also played basketball. I found out that Sarah can juggle, just like me, but not with basketballs, just like me.

We went back to Thanksgiving Point (where we met and left her car yesterday) and wandered over to the Brasilian festival going on there. I had her taste her first Gaurana. She thought it was okay. I think the biggest problem was that it was carbonated and she doesn't like carbonated drinks much. They also had some local brasilian bands doing some nice music. I hoped there would be capoeira demonstrations but those were all done for the day when we got there.

We wandered over to the gardens and walked around there for a while. We sat under a gazebo thing and talked for a while. Mostly about Cold War Germany. I read the book Yalta to Berlin and she served her mission there just after the wall came down.

The afternoon finished off with a nice long hug. Longer than our previous hugs. We still don't hold hands and we still haven't kissed and she's still not sure about calling it a real serious relationship and I don't mind because I'm in no hurry either. Better to take it slow and get it right than fast and get it wrong ...again.


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