Sunday, February 17, 2008

Rescuing a Wayward Horse

Earlier this week, when the weather was still warm and the snow almost all melted, Louise and I went for a bike a ride. We didn't get very far from our house when we found cars stopping and a police officer and another guy trying to get a horse out of the street.

Louise pedaled home and got her lasso from her rodeo and cattle branding days. We got the rope around the stubborn animal's neck and I pulled while Louise pushed from behind. The other guy cajoled it along with grass while the police guy tried opening up the hole in the fence to make it easier to get back in.

I am thankful the horse didn't bite or kick any of us. By the time we almost had it back to the hole in the fence another police officer had shown up. We had to shoo another horse away from the hole before our big project would go back in.

Once in we closed up the hole while the other two horses chased the one that escaped and biting him (or her) on the rump. We suspect that is how it got out in the first place. It was being picked on by the others, got cornered, accidentally crashed through the fence, and then got away with the lucky event. We hope they all play nice now.


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