Sunday, May 11, 2008

I Love You Mom!

My siblings have already written great tributes to our mother. All I can add is that she truly is an angel here on earth. Her selflessness and charity is without measure. The eight of us kids couldn't scare her away from her motherly nature. She continues to give to us, to our own children, and to all of the children she tends day in and day out.

I remember my sister and I finding a bottle of vitamin C tablets and eating them like candy. When Mom came home from wherever it was she had gone, she took care of us as we threw up into the big green bowl that she reserved for her sick children. There were many times where she would bring out that bowl and lovingly give us sprite or saltine crackers till we felt better.

She was always there and encouraging us to succeed and try things. There was nothing we couldn't do because we had Mom backing us all the way. She helped me learn my times-tables so I wouldn't flunk third grade. Thanks to her I passed and later passed my AP Calculus exam to springboard me into my college education.

Thanks Mom, I love you!


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